1977 GMC Palm Beach

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Steering Wheel

The steering wheel was falling apart. The previous owner had covered it but it just didn't feel safe as it moved in your hands. I first asked on GMCMotorhome mailing list and got some suggestions. I went to Jeg's (high perf store with plenty of hot-rod supplies. Cheapest wheel was $59 plus a $15 adaptor, and it looked cheap too. Next off to the junk yard. I found that there were very few steering wheels in the cars in the yard. I wondered about why others needed this many replacement wheels. I first found a wheel in a Chevy S10 pickup, about 1990 model. Removed it and went on. Next I found a GMC Safari mini-van with a GMC logo no less. I removed it also. Next I found a nice leather wrap wheel in a compact car, started to remove it but the center cap broke from sun rot. Left it and headed home.
Cost: $7.00 (plus another $7 for the extra wheel)
Time: 1 hour at the junk yard, 30 minutes to change.
Tools needed: sockets up to 7/8", wheel puller ($14 at Autozone), screw drivers.



Notice the horn connector to the top left of center below. There must be a hole in the steering wheel you choose. Both the Chevy and GMC wheels that I picked would work here.

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