1977 GMC Palm Beach

Our resto-mod RV, 2002 to present

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Couch Frame

Need to make a replacement or new frame for your couch? Here are some pictures and rough measurements of the frame.

Frame 74 1/4" (inches) wide

10 1/2" high to front cross bar, 2 front corners are 3 1/4" above that.

9" high back horizontal bar, Hinge is 2 1/4 higher than that.

20" from front to back.

Right (front of coach, right behind driver seat)


Front edge of couch, next to step into cab. Swivel bar you see holds seat up when stowing items under the seat.


Rear side, by sink. I have not yet finished the heat duct. May replace heater to be safer.


Hinge behind driver seat


Seat belts through the wall. Wish I had an idea on finishing better.


Hanging method, uses sailboat stainless "shackle key", sometimes called a "cat key". Available from West Marine for $4.99 each. Part number 20554 or link.

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