1977 GMC Palm Beach

Our resto-mod RV, 2002 to present

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Window Resealing

Window Seal Replacement

Now for those leaking windows. I have the cabinets out already. Before I start putting in any soft interior, I need to stop all the leaks. I removed, cleaned and resealed all of the side windows (6) including door.
Total Project Time: 8 hours
Cost: 3M 1/4" Window Weld, 6 boxes (15 feet each), $60.
Note: I first thought I would "really" seal them and purchased the 3/8 window weld. It is much to heavy for this installation. I could have used something even less than the 1/4 since it is just a seal and not actually bonding the window. Do not use window weld if you think you are going to replace the windows. This stuff will not come out easy. You either have to cut it out using a piano wire or a special tool made for removing windshields. Even with the tool, it is one H of a job.



Big one out, ready to cleanup.

Used every plastic scraper I had in the arsenal, switched to a larger peace of carpet after the picture because I started to get nervous about scratching them up. The original foam seal was dry and brittle. I was surprised they didn't leak a lot worse than they did. Must have been the dirt clogging them up. 

 One more side picture

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