1977 GMC Palm Beach

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Hamper Rebuild

Leaking rear fiberglass to cap seam had made a mess of the rear cabinet when I purchased the GMC. The previous owner had made a replacement top door but left the rotting particle board. I had pulled this shortly after buying and left it stand in the corner of my barn. As we were leaving the next day for vacation (notice a trend in my projects), I decided I was tired of the rear bed flipping up if my butt was too far past the middle... Time for a rebuild.

This is a picture of the finished joinery... Simple dado in the face board and interlocking dados on the side panels. The wood selection was limited to the single sheet of 3/4 Oak good-one-side that I had on hand. I had moved this sheet twice in house moves so its time had come.


A test dry fit with help from the eighteen month old. Would OSHA approve of her using the brad nailer or is she limited to hand tools at this age?


No time to ask them so I went ahead and took that job. First glued and then tacked with the nailer.


The finished box minus top and door. Not bad for 10 PM standards. Testing fitting proceeded and some additional trimming. Top was made and attached. Installed by about midnight. Will remove later for stain and finish. As in previous projects, my picture taker tends to go to bed before I get to the final stages of projects... so again pictures gave way to real work.

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